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Ron was sitting up in bed, the hangings torn from one side, a look of utmost terror on his face.

J.K. Rowling

He dived again, and Cho, thinking he'd seen the Snitch, tried to follow; Harry pulled out of the dive very sharply; she hurtled downward; he rose fast as a bullet once more, and then saw it, for the third time ¡ª the Snitch was glittering way above the field at the Ravenclaw end.

Harry scrambled to his feet.

¡°I do!¡± said Harry fiercely, stuffing the rest of the Chocolate Frog into his mouth. ¡°I've got to! What if the Dementors turn up at our match against Ravenclaw? I can't afford to fall off again. If we lose this game we've lost the Quidditch Cup!¡±

Hermione was panting slightly, hurrying up the stairs; one hand clutched her bag, the other seemed to be tucking something down the front of her robes.

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