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¡°He's got a toe missing,¡± said Black.

¡°So you've been thinking that I didn't believe you capable of fighting the Boggart?¡± said Lupin shrewdly.

At that moment Mrs. Weasley entered the bar, laden with shopping bags and followed by the twins, Fred and George, who were about to start their fifth year at Hogwarts; the newly elected Head Boy, Percy; and the Weasleys¡± youngest child and only girl, Ginny.

¡°But what do you think he's broken out to do?¡± said Madam Rosmerta. ¡°Good gracious, Minister, he isn't trying to rejoin You-Know-Who, is he?¡±

Ron's eyes widened. The minute owl was still hooting excitedly. ¡°Keep him?¡± he said uncertainly. He looked closely at the owl for a moment; then, to Harry's and Hermione's great surprise, he held him out for Crookshanks to sniff.

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