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¡°And last,¡± Fred muttered under his breath.

The Halloween feast was always good, but it would taste a lot better if he was coming to it after a day in Hogsmeade with everyone else. Nothing anyone said made him feel any better about being left behind. Dean Thomas, who was good with a quill, had offered to forge Uncle Vernon's signature on the form, but as Harry had already told Professor McGonagall he hadn't had it signed, that was no good. Ron halfheartedly suggested the Invisibility Cloak, but Hermione stamped on that one, reminding Ron what Dumbledore had told them about the Dementors being able to see through them. Percy had what were possibly the least helpful words of comfort.

¡°Hurry up, Remus,¡± snarled Black, who was still watching Scabbers with a horrible sort of hunger on his face.

¡°Ron ¡ª come on back under the cloak ¡ª¡± Hermione panted. ¡°Dumbledore ¡ª the Minister ¡ª they'll be coming back out in a minute ¡ª¡±

In a last-ditch attempt to cheer Ron up, Harry persuaded him to come along to the Gryffindor team's final practice before the Ravenclaw match, so that he could have a ride on the Firebolt after they'd finished. This did seem to take Ron's mind off Scabbers for a moment (¡°Great! Can I try and shoot a few goals on it?¡±) so they set off for the Quidditch field together.

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