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¡°Anyway, we know it by heart,¡± said George. ¡°We bequeath it to you. We don't really need it anymore.¡±

¡°Yes,¡± said Harry. He hesitated, and then the question he had to ask burst from him before he could stop himself. ¡°Why? Why do they affect me like that? Am I just ¡ª?¡±

¡°Come on, Hermione, come and have some food,¡± Harry said, looking over at Ron and wondering whether he was in a good enough mood to bury the hatchet.

¡°Yeh're ter go back up ter the castle. I told yeh, I don¡¯ wan¡¯ yeh watchin'. An¡¯ yeh shouldn¡¯ be down here anyway¡­If Fudge an¡¯ Dumbledore catch yeh out without permission, Harry, yeh'll be in big trouble.¡±

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