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A shower of brilliantly colored sweets fell into Harry's lap. It was dusk, and Ron and Hermione had just turned up in the common room, pink-faced from the cold wind and looking as though they'd had the time of their lives.

¡°It served him right,¡± he sneered. ¡°Sneaking around, trying to find out what we were up to¡­hoping he could get us expelled.¡­¡±

But Hermione wasn't listening. She dropped Crookshanks onto Seamus's empty bed and stared, open-mouthed, at the Firebolt.

Harry followed him downstairs, trying to wipe his hands clean on the inside of his robes without Snape noticing. They walked down the stairs to the dungeons and then into Snape's office.

¡°Right,¡± he said, trying to recall as exactly as possible the wonderful, soaring sensation of his stomach.

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