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¡°Harry, I don't understand what Dumbledore wants us to do. Why did he tell us to go back three hours? How's that going to help Sirius?¡±

¡°Well!¡± said Lupin, clapping his hands together and looking around cheerfully. ¡°That seems to clear that up! Severus, I'll take this back, shall I?¡± He folded the map and tucked it inside his robes. ¡°Harry, Ron, come with me, I need a word about my vampire essay ¡ª excuse us, Severus ¡ª¡±

Lupin's face had hardened, and there was self-disgust in his voice. ¡°All this year, I have been battling with myself, wondering whether I should tell Dumbledore that Sirius was an Animagus. But I didn't do it. Why? Because I was too cowardly. It would have meant admitting that I'd betrayed his trust while I was at school, admitting that I'd led others along with me¡­and Dumbledore's trust has meant everything to me. He let me into Hogwarts as a boy, and he gave me a job when I have been shunned all my adult life, unable to find paid work because of what I am. And so I convinced myself that Sirius was getting into the school using dark arts he learned from Voldemort, that being an Animagus had nothing to do with it¡­so, in a way, Snape's been right about me all along.¡±

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