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¡°No, I don't think so,¡± said Hermione composedly. ¡°I really want an owl. I mean, Harry's got Hedwig and you've got Errol ¡ª¡±

¡°Well, what would you've done?¡± said Fred. ¡°George caused a diversion by dropping another Dungbomb, I whipped the drawer open, and grabbed ¡ª this.¡±

¡°If you must know, Minerva, I have seen that poor Professor Lupin will not be with us for very long. He seems aware, himself, that his time is short. He positively fled when I offered to crystal gaze for him ¡ª¡±

¡°What was all that about?¡± Ron mouthed.

The passage twisted and turned, more like the burrow of a giant rabbit than anything else. Harry hurried along it, stumbling now and then on the uneven floor, holding his wand out in front of him.

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