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As Harry was helping himself to roast potatoes, the doors of the Great Hall opened again. It was Professor Trelawney, gliding toward them as though on wheels. She had put on a green sequined dress in honor of the occasion, making her look more than ever like a glittering, oversized dragonfly.

¡°Last year, I got an official warning just because a house-elf smashed a pudding in my uncle's house!¡± he told Fudge, frowning. ¡°The Ministry of Magic said I'd be expelled from Hogwarts if there was any more magic there!¡±

¡°No,¡± said Ron flatly. ¡°If she just acted like she was sorry ¡ª but she'll never admit she's wrong, Hermione. She's still acting like Scabbers has gone on vacation or something.¡±


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