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Harry had the impression that Lupin wanted to leave as quickly as possible.

¡°He can go to Azkaban,¡± Harry repeated. ¡°If anyone deserves that place, he does¡­.¡±

The first thing they saw on entering Hagrid's cabin was Buckbeak, who was stretched out on top of Hagrid's patchwork quilt, his enormous wings folded tight to his body, enjoying a large plate of dead ferrets. Averting his eyes from this unpleasant sight, Harry saw a gigantic, hairy brown suit and a very horrible yellow-and-orange tie hanging from the top of Hagrid's wardrobe door.

Black gave a shudder, rolled over, and lay motionless on the ground, pale as death.

¡°I think ¡ª¡± Harry swallowed, knowing how strange this was going to sound. ¡°I think it was my dad.¡±

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