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Crookshanks had joined the fray; both sets of front claws had sunk themselves deep into Harry's arm; Harry threw him off, but Crookshanks now darted toward Harry's wand ¡ª

¡°He says he is feeling too ill to teach today,¡± said Snape with a twisted smile. ¡°I believe I told you to sit down?¡±

White fog obscured his senses¡­big, blurred shapes were moving around him¡­then came a new voice, a man's voice, shouting, panicking ¡ª

¡°What's the matter with you?¡± said Ron.

Harry urged the Firebolt forward as they rounded the Ravenclaw goal posts and Cho fell behind. Just as Katie succeeded in scoring the first goal of the match, and the Gryffindor end of the field went wild, he saw it ¡ª the Snitch was close to the ground, flitting near one of the barriers.

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