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¡°You outta your tree?¡± yelped Stan. ¡°¡®Choo say ¡®is name for?¡±

Hermione seized the back of Harry's robes not a moment too soon. Just then, they heard a burst of song. It was Hagrid, making his way up to the castle, singing at the top of his voice, and weaving slightly as he walked. A large bottle was swinging from his hands.

¡°Here's something¡­there was a case in 1722¡­but the Hippogriff was convicted ¡ª ugh, look what they did to it, that's disgusting ¡ª¡±

¡°It's getting worse,¡± Harry muttered, biting off the Frog's head. ¡°I could hear her louder that time ¡ª and him ¡ª Voldemort ¡ª¡±

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