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Hagrid being at least twice the size of a normal man, this was no laughing matter. Harry, about to collapse under Hagrid's weight, was rescued by Ron and Hermione, who each seized Hagrid under an arm and heaved him back into the cabin. Hagrid allowed himself to be steered into a chair and slumped over the table, sobbing uncontrollably, his face glazed with tears that dripped down into his tangled beard.

¡°What?¡± snapped Hermione, picking up the exam schedule and examining it. ¡°Yes, of course I have.¡±

. . . . . . . . .

They reached Hagrid's cabin and knocked. He was a minute in answering, and when he did, he looked all around for his visitor, pale-faced and trembling.

¡°I'm here on an unpleasant mission, Harry. The Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures required a witness to the execution of a mad Hippogriff. As I needed to visit Hogwarts to check on the Black situation, I was asked to step in.¡±

¡°I can't, Harry. I've still got four hundred and twenty-two pages to read!¡± said Hermione, now sounding slightly hysterical. ¡°Anyway¡­¡± She glanced over at Ron too. ¡°He doesn't want me to join in.¡±

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